Team 2867 – Degrees of Freedom

Degrees of Freedom is a team consisting of 5 Builders, 5 Programmers, and 5 Designers all varying in experience and skill set. 2867 has been well known for their design excellence in documentation via the "Engineering Notebook" and have won numerous awards over the last few years because of it. In the past, Degrees of Freedom competed at the North Super Regionals and had the honor to be invited to compete amongst the most talented teams in the world at the World Championship held here in St.Louis.

This year, our team plans to continue making a difference in our community with various outreach events and to maintain quality engineering practices in a team environment. With the work of our mentors and various other resources, we want to create a robot that exceeds performance expectations and highlights our engineering and design knowledge. We also want to work to create a strong team dynamic and be an example of gracious professionalism in the community around us.

Meet The Team

Yasaman (Yasi) Mostafavi

I'm Yasi, this is my 3rd year in robotics and I am currently a junior. On my team, I am a programmer and participate with the management, organization, and documentation of our team and club's work. Programming has been really interesting for me in the last 4 years and I love to learn about how to make code into something that moves and accomplishes tasks in the real world. Outside of robotics, I love being creative with art and graphic design.

Gregory Bahr

I'm Greg, this is my 2nd year in robotics and I'm a senior. On my team, I am a programmer and I participate in fundraising and organization for our team and club. Programming has been an interest of mine since elementary school and creating code and seeing it work on an actual, physical robot never gets old. Outside of robotics, I like to work on several other programming projects and I spend my spare time playing video games.

James McMahon

Hi, I'm Jimmy. This is my 4th year in robotics, and I've worked in every branch we have -- building, programming, and design. This year, as a senior, I'm working on design and behind-the-scenes administration. I'm very interested in robotics and more to the point I love the club. I think that our gathering of work ethic and intelligence can lead to amazing results in competition and I'm determined to make that possible. Outside of robotics, I debate.

Ian McKeown

Hi my names Ian, this is my 2nd year in robotics and I am a senior. On my team, I am part of the design team and also help with the organization of our engineering notebook. Robotics has meant so much to me over the past year and I've met so many amazing people not just from my club but throughout the FIRST community. Outside of robotics I work at a concert venue and in my free time I enjoy listening to music and I am interested in music and video production.

Summer Miller

I'm Summer, this is my 2nd year in robotics and I am currently a junior. On my team, I am a builder and designer and I help out by constructing the robot, fixing mechanical issues, and collaborating with other members throughout the season to involve them in different procedures. Designing and building have interested me for quite some time now; Building because I love the feeling of seeing something that I have worked on and constructed evolve throughout the season and continue to better. I like designing because it shows off how much our team means to us and our accomplishments throughout the year to not only potential new members but to other teams as well! Outside of robotics, I enjoy watching anime and gaming online with friends.

William Skaggs

I’m William, this is my 2nd year in robotics, and I am a sophomore. I work as a programmer, learning both during school and from the older, experienced programmers during robotics. I have been involved with FIRST since elementary school and love the environment of our club, which allows me to have fun with my friends while accomplishing in the competition. Outside of robotics, I am involved with the Boy Scouts and enjoy playing video games with my friends.


Kyle Wright