Without our sponsors, we wouldn't be able to do such great things in our club such as coordinate meet events, attend qualifiers, and purchase new parts. Many of our sponsors give us mentors, tools, monetary support, or other bits of useful support that help our club run to its fullest potential. We thank all of our sponsors for their benevolence and hope that they continue to support us in our endeavors as a FIRST Robotics team.

If you are interested in sponsoring us our learning more about our sponsors, please visit the Contact Us page for more information.


Schaeffer Electric Company

Pattonville School District

Thanks to our district, we have 2 robotics rooms in the building where we get to hold our game field and build room. We also have our wonderful sponsor, Mrs. Susan Mathis who is an engineering and math teacher at the High School. Also, a thank you to many Pattonville High School administration members for helping our club and the school district work together. 


Boeing is the world largest aerospace company, filled with innovative engineers and thinkers. Boeing helps cover our initial registration costs, but most importantly has given us mentorship to help our club grow. Our mentor Mr.Bateman from Boeing provides with tons of experience and programming help through the season. Thank you to Boeing for being a long running sponsor of Pattonville Robotics and impacting our club in such a positive manner.

Bastian Solutions